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Short Biography

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

DAVID LARONDE is a Canadian Indigenous singer-songwriter performing roots, contemporary folk, rock and blues from three albums. He hails from the ancient Teme-Augama Anishnabai (Deep Water People) in beautiful Northern Ontario. His debut album Right City Wrong Town was nominated for Best Blues Album 2013 in the Indigenous Music Awards (formerly the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards). The second album is called UNDER THE RAVEN'S WING and is loaded with upbeat folkrock gems.

His third album I KNOW I CAN FLY received a nomination for Indigenous Songwriter of the Year by Canadian Folk Music Awards 2022.

With a full band, duo or solo he delivers an entertaining, energetic and soulful performance. With three full length albums out David’s storytelling is a fresh take on heartbreak, loneliness, love, hope and joy with a cool summer breeze in the background. His music is uplifting and refreshing as he transcends an urban influence and the mystery of ancestral magic of his homeland.

The message in his music simple says David. In this great land of ours let's use the the strength and power from our ancestors who thrived for thousands of years holistically, physically and spiritually connected to Mother Earth. We all have the power to live free and healthy just by being aware of our connection to our ancestors.

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